NJLA Forms & Policies

  • NJLA Code of Conduct

    The New Jersey Library Association sponsors a variety of forums, meetings and professional development opportunities, including the annual spring Conference. The purpose of these events is to provide NJ librarians with opportunities to learn, connect and grow, which we believe to have a positive impact on the development and improvement of libraries throughout the state.

  • NJLA Presenter Policy

    The New Jersey Library Association believes all employees of New Jersey Libraries have a vested interest in supporting their state association.   We also believe the benefit of presenting on a topic at an NJLA event in front of one’s peers, attending other programs at the event and taking advantage of networking opportunities provides considerable value and professional development.

  • NJLA Guidelines for Social Media Use

    All New Jersey Library Association (NJLA) endorsed social networking sites should adhere to the following guidelines to ensure that we represent a single, unified organization:

  • Reimbursement Request and Invoice for Services

    Reimbursement Request and Invoice for Services for the New Jersey Library Association