Honors and Awards

New Jersey Library Association Honors & Awards Subcommittee

Nominations for the 2019 Honors & Awards will be accepted from Friday, November 30, 2018, until Monday, March 25, 2019.

Contributions need to be made between April 2018-March 2019 to be considered. Unless specifically noted, both nominators and nominees need to be NJLA members in good standing.

Check out this video to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lx3-2sJFUsc&feature=youtu.be

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Check the NJLA Award Criteria below for details on each award.

These awards are chosen from a selection of nominations as recognized by the NJLA membership (you!), and are presented by NJLA at an Awards Reception at the Annual Conference.

Other awards presented by NJLA are those chosen directly by specific Sections and Committees, including: awards given by the College & University Section, the Garden State Children's and Teen Book Awards, the History & Preservation Section's Susan Swartzburg Award, and the super-secret President's Award.


NJLA Awards

Children's Book Awards

The Garden State Children's Book Awards were established in 1977 to honor books for younger readers. The Children's Services Section (CSS) of the New Jersey Library Association felt that books for the early and middle grades seldom received proper recognition. Yet it is at this age, more than any other, that the potential reader needs to be encouraged, stimulated and captivated by the printed work and good illustration.


For more information: http://njlamembers.org/content/garden-state-childrens-book-awards

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Intellectual Freedom Award

The award recognizes and honors outstanding contributions to intellectual freedom by individuals or institutions in 2018.  According to the ALA, "[i]ntellectual freedom is the right of library users to read, seek information, and speak freely as guaranteed by the First Amendment. Intellectual freedom is a core value of the library profession, and a basic right in our democratic society. A publicly supported library provides free, equitable, and confidential access to information for all people of its community."  The Intellectual Freedom Subcommittee selects the recipient(s) of the award.

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Journalism Award

NJLA recognizes the power of the press and media. These awards are given in recognition of exceptional journalistic coverage of libraries and library issues during the year 2018.

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Library Champion

This award is given annually in recognition of an exceptional contribution to a New Jersey library, group of libraries, or to a New Jersey Library community. Nominees may be a person, group, organization, business, or corporation, which has made a remarkable contribution during 2018. This award is not intended for library employees, Friends groups, or trustees.

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Library Service Awards

Through the LIBRARY SERVICE AWARD and the TRUSTEE RECOGNITION AWARD, the New Jersey Library Association seeks to recognize those who have given of themselves in exceptional service to New Jersey’s libraries during 2018.  Please note: the nominee need not excel in all of the criteria below to be nominated.

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NJLA / NJASL Amy Job Partnership Award

Amy Job was a librarian and professor at William Paterson University who was active professionally in both the New Jersey Library Association and the New Jersey Association of School Librarians. Amy was passionate about school/public library cooperation and took every opportunity to encourage collaboration. Thanks to a generous donation from the Job family, the recipient of this award will receive $200 to be used by their library.

DESCRIPTION: This award is given annually in recognition of a unique cooperative relationship between a public library and a school library. NJLA bestows the award on a librarian working in a public library who works with a media specialist in a public, private, or parochial school in the community to enhance library service to the people of the community. 

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NJLA CUS/ACRL-NJ Distinguished Service Award

Do you know a librarian whose contribution to academic librarianship in New Jersey deserves recognition? The College and University Section of NJLA invites you to nominate someone (or even yourself) for the NJLA CUS/ACRL-NJ 2018 Distinguished Service Award. The award, presented at the 2018 NJLA Annual Conference, will be given to a librarian who has had distinguished service or achievement within the New Jersey academic community.

This award is not limited to persons who have received national recognition. It is intended to honor any person who, by his or her outstanding contributions, has directly enriched librarianship in higher education in New Jersey.

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NJLA CUS/ACRL-NJ Research Award

To recognize excellence in the research efforts of New Jersey librarians, the Research Committee of the College and University Section of NJLA seeks nominations for its annual Research Award to honor the best published research completed by a New Jersey librarian during the past year.

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NJLA CUS/ACRL-NJ Technical Services Award

The NJLA CUS Bibliographic Control and Metadata Committee (BCMC) and the NJLA Technical Services and Collection Development Section will honor one librarian who has worked in collections and technical services including but not limited to: acquisitions, cataloging, metadata, collection management, preservation, electronic and continuing resources and has made significant contributions to enhance and advance technical services librarianship. Please consider nominating yourself or a colleague for work related to technical services.

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NJLA CUS/ACRL-NJ Technology Innovation Award

The Technology Innovation Award honors a librarian or group of librarians for innovative use and application of technology in a New Jersey academic library. The award may be given either in recognition of a specific project, or for an ongoing delivery of innovative technology applications. The purpose of the award is to recognize distinguished leadership in developing new technologies for academic libraries.

Please consider nominating your librarians or staff for their work in increasing value to your library through technology projects.  Self-nominations are also welcome.

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NJLA Librarian of the Year

Dedicated, knowledgeable, and creative librarians are the key to the success of libraries in New Jersey. The NJLA Librarian of the Year Award was created to recognize exemplary recent achievement by a New Jersey Librarian making a significant contribution at any level of librarianship.

The Librarian of the Year serves as a role model, enhancing the image of librarianship and advancing the positive visibility of libraries to the community. The Librarian of the Year is willing to serve as an enthusiastic spokesperson for librarianship in general and to speak at the NJLA conferences.

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President's Award

For this award, the current President selects an NJLA member who has provided inspiration and support to the President during his or her year in that office and who has demonstrated continued dedication to NJLA. The award is traditionally kept secret until it is announced at the Awards Ceremony.


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Public Relations and Marketing Awards

This award is open to New Jersey academic, public, school, and special libraries, as well as consortia. All New Jersey libraries are encouraged to participate regardless of size, budget, or technological limitations.

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Rising Star Award: Librarians, Paraprofessionals, and Students

This award recognizes one or more deserving individuals for innovative and creative work in a New Jersey library in 2018.

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Susan Swartzburg Award

This award honors the memory of a librarian whose leadership in New Jersey inspired and influenced many others in our profession, particularly in the areas of preservation of library materials, archives, and the book arts.

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File Susan Swartzburg Award Nomination 2018
Teen Book Awards

The GSTBA ballot will be compiled from a master list of nominated titles, which aims to expose teens to books that are both appealing and well-written. The GSTBA ballot also serves as a readers advisory tool to librarians and teachers serving teen readers. The GSTBA ballot should be representative of the diversity of socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, and interests found in the state of NJ. The GSTBA ballot should reflect a balance in the diversity of reading interests of teen readers.

For more information: http://njlamembers.org/content/voting-information-ballots 


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2019 NJLA Award Winners

Sharon Rawlins
Chelsea Woods-Turner
Former Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen
Congressman Leonard Lance