Honors and Awards Subcommittee

Honors and Awards Subcommittee

NJLA Librarian of the Year

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: Dedicated, knowledgeable, and creative librarians are the key to the success of libraries in New Jersey. The NJLA Librarian of the Year Award was created to recognize exemplary recent achievement by a working New Jersey Librarian making a significant contribution at any level of librarianship. The Librarian of the Year serves as a role model, enhancing the image of librarianship and advancing the positive visibility of libraries to the community.

Journalism Award

DESCRIPTION: NJLA recognizes the power of the press and media. These awards are given annually in recognition of exceptional journalistic coverage of libraries and library issues.

CRITERIA: Submissions may be editorials, op-ed pieces, articles or series of articles, television, radio, and online stories and multimedia coverage.


Intellectual Freedom Award

DESCRIPTION: This award recognizes and honors outstanding contributions to intellectual freedom by an individual or a group. The Intellectual Freedom Committee selects recipient of this award.



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