2018-2019 NJLA Public Policy Legislative Priorities

2018-2019 NJLA Public Policy Legislative Priorities

Per Capita Library Aid (A3801/S2668)

  • Description: Makes $10.5 million supplemental appropriation for increased Per Capita

Library Aid from Property Tax Relief Fund.

  • Status:
    • Assembly:  referred to Appropriations Committee
    • Senate: referred to Budget and Appropriations Committee

School Library Media Specialist Required Ratio (A1995/S2394)

  • Description: Requires public schools to hire a certain number of certified school librarian based on a ratio of enrolled students
  • Status: referred to committee, both houses
    • Assembly: referred to Education Committee
    • Senate: referred to Education Committee

Information Literacy Curriculum K-12 (A132)

  • Description: Requires public school districts to include information literacy into the curriculum for grades K-12 with guidelines developed by the Commissioner of Education in conjunction with the State Librarian.
  • Status:
    • Assembly: referred to Education Committee

New Jersey Net Neutrality Act (A1767/S1577)

  • Description: Requires ISPs to provide open, neutral and non-prioritized Internet to consumers, to provide written notice to consumers of any change in policy that affects the open, neutral, and non-prioritized internet access, and creates the New Jersey Internet Service Provider Registry which will require ISPs to affirmatively disclose prioritization policies to the Division of Consumer Affairs.
  • Status:
    • Assembly: referred to Telecommunications and Utilities Committee
    • Senate: referred to Economic Growth Committee

No Public Contracts to ISPs unless adhere to “Net Neutrality” (A2132/S1802) 

  • Description: No board of education, contracting unit, or State agency can contract with any ISP that does not provide open, neutral and non-prioritized Internet.
  • Status:
    • Assembly: Out of Committee, ready for floor vote
    • Senate: Referred to Senate Economic Growth Committee


"Community Broadband Study Commission" (A2140)

  • Creates an 11 member commission to investigate the feasibility of a community broadband network in New Jersey.
  • Status:
    • Assembly: referred to Science, Innovation and Technology Committee

“Complete Count Commission” for Census 2020 (A4208/S2730)

  • Description: Creates of a 27 member commission to develop and implement an outreach strategy towards a full and accurate count of New Jersey’s population during the 2020 census.
  • Status:
    • Passed both houses
    • Needs to be signed by Governor

Opioid Antidote in Libraries (A3838/S2321)

  • Description: Permits public libraries maintain a supply of opioid antidotes and allows a trained staff member to administer the antidotes in the case of an overdose.
  • Status:
    • Assembly: referred to Health and Senior Services Committee
    • Senate: referred to Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee

Higher Education Open Textbook Plan (A327/S768)

  • Description: Requires 4 year higher education institutions to submit a plan to the Secretary of Higher Education to expand the use of open textbooks in order to achieve savings for students
  • Status:
    • Assembly: Out of committee, ready for floor vote
    • Senate: Passed by Senate

Reader Privacy Act (A2163)

  • Description: Extends the confidentiality protections of library users to “book service users” where a “book service” is one that its primary purpose provides the rental, purchase, borrowing, browsing, or viewing of books but does not include a store that sells a variety of consumer products when the book service sales do not exceed two percent of the store’s total annual gross sales of consumer products sold in the United States
  • Status:
    • Assembly: referred to Consumer Affairs Committee