A1861 enacts the "Reader Privacy Act" Sponsored by Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly (District 35), Assemblywoman  Mila Jasey (District 27) and Assemblyman Daniel Benson (District 14). Additional sponsors are: Assemblywomen Shelia Oliver (District 34),  Grace Spencer (District 29) Cleopatra Tucker (District 28) and Assemblymen Ralph Caputo (District 28),Gregory McGuckin (District 10) Paul Moriarty (District   and John Wisniewski (District 3). The bill was voted out of the Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee in Feb.

Patricia A. Tumulty, Executive Director of NJLA testified on A1861 indicating that NJLA could not support this legislation unless it were amended.  (Testimony attached)

S1383 the Senate companion bill is sponsored by Senator Nia Gill (District 34).  It is in the Senate Commerce Committee.




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