A3801 Makes 10.5 million supplemental appropriation for increased per capita library aid.

Prime Sponsors R. Bruce Land (District 1)  and Wayne DeAngelo (District 14), Co-sponsors: Asw. Pamela :Lampitt (District 6), Asw. Angela McKnight (District 31), Asm. Daniel Benson (District 14), Asm Jamel Holley (District 20), Asm. Nicholas  Chiaravalloti (District 31), Asm. Gordon Johnson ( District 37),  Asm Pedro Mejia (District 32), Asw Mila Jasey (District 27) , Asw. Verlina Reynolds-Jackson (District 15),Asm. Ronald Dancer (District 12), Asw. Carol Murphy (District 7), Asm Clinton Calabrese (District 36) Asm Robert  Karabinchak (District 18),  Asm John McKeon (District 27), Asm Thomas Giblin (District 34)

Referred to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

S2668 is the companion bill to A3801. The prime sponsors Sen. Linda Greenstein (District 14) and Sen. Sandra Cunningham (District 31).Co-sponsors are: Sen. Brian Stack ( District 33), Sen. Christopher Bateman ( District 16),  Sen. Joseph Cryan (District 20), Sen Anthony Bucco (District 25), Sen. Patrick Diegnan (District 18) Sen. Vin Gopal (District 11), Sen. Richard Codey ( District 27), Sen. M. Teresa Ruitz (District 29) and Sen. Nilsa Cruz-Perez (District 5)

Referred to the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee.

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