Application for Nomination by (Special Election)

Application for Nomination by (Special Election)

A strong, engaged, diverse and dedicated Executive board is key to the continued success, growth and evolution of our professional association.

The following position is open for the 2019 NJLA Executive Board Special Election.

  • Member-at-Large Unfulfilled Term Expires June 30, 2021

If you are interested in petitioning to become a candidate, and you are an NJLA member in good standing, fill out the following form.

Updated job descriptions for all Executive Board positions are available here:


The Petition Process to Become A Candidate

If you are interested serving the NJ library community, making a difference, and are an NJLA member in good standing (current on their membership) you can petition to be a candidate by filling out the following form by October 4th.

Once your candidate’s application webform is completed and verified, you will be sent a link for the Support for Nomination Petitions webform. In order for a nomination petition to be complete, it must be supported by fifteen (15) other members in good standing.

Nominations by petition with the required support must be registered by October 11th.  Note: A "signature" of support for a nomination petition is not a ballot or vote in the election.  Online voting will take place October 18, 2019 through November 1st, 2019.

Potential candidates will receive notification each time a supporter signs their Support for Nominations Petition webform and receive a notice when they have reached 15 signatures from NJLA members in good standing.

Please provide us with some biographical information and your platform statement.  Please include the following: educational credentials, perhaps a bit of employment history if you feel it is appropriate, professional library affiliations, NJLA involvement over the past several years, and any noteworthy achievements you want to cite.

You may also include a position statement that might include things like: why you are running, any special priorities you have, your vision for NJLA over the next few years, important issues NJLA is facing, why you feel your candidacy can make a positive difference, and anything else of importance that you want to note.

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