FY18 State Budget

The  FY18 State Budget has been proposed and there is no positive news for library funding.  For the 7th straight year,  funding for library programs has been at a reduced level. NJ ranks 34 in the nation for state aid to local public libraries.  There were numerous legislative visits made this spring and some legislators did place in resolutions for additional funding but unfortunately to no avail.

 State funding for library programs was significant reduced by 42% in Governor Christie’s first budget in FY11. Since that time no additional dollars have been allocated for library funding. The  budget provides:

  • The amount of funding for the NJ Library Network is unchanged at $4,299,000.
  • The amount for funding for the State Per Capita aid program is unchanged at $3,676,000
  • The amount of funding for the operational NJ State Library is $5,194,000.

The New Jersey Library Association urges additional funding for our per capita aid program which strengthens all public libraries in New Jersey. NJLA is proposing a $3million increase for this program in the FY18 state budget.

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