FY20 State Budget

The  FY20 State Budget has been adopted and signed by Governor Murphy.  For the 11th straight year,  funding for library programs has been at a reduced level. NJ ranks 34 in the nation for state aid to local public libraries.

 State funding for library programs was significant reduced by 42% in Governor Christie’s first budget in FY11. Since that time no additional dollars have been allocated for library funding. The library community had been hopeful that Governor Murphy and new Legislative leadership would restore some library funding.  In the end, we were very disappointed.  Dispite increases in funding for preschool, k-12 and higher education, the only portion of educational funding to remain at this reduced level was funding for library programs.  The  budget provides:

  • The amount of funding for the NJ Library Network is unchanged at $4,299,000.
  • The amount for funding for the State Per Capita aid program is unchanged at $3,676,000
  • The amount of funding for the operational NJ State Library is $5 286,000.

2017 NJLA State Legislative Initiatives

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