NJLA Committee Internship Program: Sections

What is the NJLA Committee Internship Program? The NJLA Committee Internship Program (CIP) provides an opportunity for library school students to become familiar with the New Jersey Library Association, particularly its committees and sections; to network with peers and library leaders from around the state; and to participate in service learning.

Who can be appointed as an intern? Any NJLA Member attending library school is eligible to apply for the Committee Internship Program, assuming they have not previously been a member of a NJLA Committee or Section.

Who appoints interns? Interns are recommended by the chair of the Leadership and Education Subcommittee and appointed by the NJLA President.

Terms of appointment. Each intern serves for a period of at least one year, with a limit of two as an intern.  

Duties. Committee and Section leaders will determine the most appropriate duties for the intern, depending in large part on the nature of the work of that group. The primary goals should be, however, for the intern to become as knowledgeable of NJLA processes as possible and about the inner workings of the Association, as well as effectively work toward committee/section goals. Some suggestions for intern duties include:

  • Help with planning and presenting programs and events

  • Perform administrative duties to facilitate committee/association processes

  • Write the annual report, with input from Chair

Interns are expected to attend meetings and be active participants of their appointed committees/sections, as their schedules permits.

Voting.   Interns are not considered to be regularly appointed members of the committee and are ineligible to vote. 

Click here for the application. Limited openings available. Deadline: October 10, 2018


Questions? Contact the Co-Chairs of the Committee Internship Program:
NJLA Membership is required for the Committee Internship Program.  Not a member?  Join ALA and NJLA jointly for just $42!  Click here for application. Interested in the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL)? You can join ACRL for just $5 with your ALA/NJLA student membership. Click here for the application
Please note, the inclusion of Sections in the Committee Internship Program is a pilot project for 2018-2019.