NJLA Executive Board Meeting Minutes January 2018

Date of Meeting: 
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Minutes Text: 

NJLA Executive Board Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2018

Piscataway Public Library


Call to Order: Michael Maziekien, President

Michael called the meeting to order at 10:10am.


Introductions/Roll Call – Kate Russo, Secretary


Present: Michael Maziekien, Chris Carbone, Leah Wagner, Nancy Weiner, Kate Russo, Cynthia Lambert, Jayne Beline, Phillip Berg, Melissa Brisbin, Kate Jaggers, Adele Puccio, Jen Schureman


Attended online: Emily Moore, Chelsea Woods-Turner, Lynn Schott


Guests: Peggy Cadigan, NJSL


Staff: Patricia Tumulty, NJLA


Absent: Darby Malvey


Adoption of the Agenda: Motion to adopt by Jayne, seconded Leah; all in favor

Adoption of the Minutes: Motion to adopt the minutes by Nancy, seconded by Jen; all in favor, 4 abstentions

Reports within NJLA

Treasurer’s Report

Cynthia attempted to join the meeting online.
Motion to approve the bill list by Adele, 2nd by Michael; all in favor

President’s Report
Michael expressed thanks to Leah for running December’s meeting. Next he shared that this was a year for a lot of celebration and victories for libraries. He then highlighted that Amy and Chris were library champions along with Pat for her tireless efforts.

Report from Pat Tumulty
The highlight of last week was that the bill was signed.  Today at noon we will have a new governor which brings new challenges and new opportunities. Jeanne Ryan led a discussion at the last public policy meeting. At the next NJLA Executive Board meeting, we will have a document for the board with what are goals are for the future. Betty Steckman retired. We will bring someone in to work part-time. We are working with trustees to create a job description.
NJLA is started its work with the new auditors and it is moving forward.

Phillip asked about annual appeal regarding whether the membership numbers and appeal numbers were similar to previous years. Amy then asked about conducting an email blast to membership. Jayne also wanted the trustees to get notification with a letter geared just to them.

Jen and Kate Jaggers and the NJLA Conference Committee have worked hard to get gender neutral bathrooms. Additionally, Diversity and Outreach are rebranding this year.

Report from Jayne Beline ALA 

Jayne received an email from the chapter relations committee in Santa Clarita who had a similar violent incident. Ultimately, each community needs their local municipality to govern their library.

National Library Legislation Day will be held this year on May 7 th and May8th. Scholarships are available for non-library 1st time participants (clerical staff or trustees) in the amount of $300 with two free nights at the hotel.

Chapter Leaders Forum Midwinter is looking for topics to discuss in the afternoon.
Ideas discussed at this NJLA meeting were:
Balancing the duties of 1 regular job and be a chapter leader
Member Recognition: How is it done?
Email any additional suggestions to Jayne.

There is a new resolution which is a statement on global climate change. The current administration removed the data and informational files from the EPA’s website.

Nancy and Phil will both be attending the ALA Midwinter Conference.

New Business
Michael opened the floor for discussion regarding posting meeting minutes on the NJLA website. A conversation about how best to do this ensued. It was determined that approved minutes will be posted from the beginning of this NJLA year to date.

Membership to NJLA was then discussed, including how renewals might be paid. Credit cards and monthly billing might become additional options to their annual payment. A task force may need to be formed. Michael recommended that this all be determined before the next budget is created making the deadline within this fiscal year.

Reports from New Jersey State Library
Peggy will be attending National Library Legislation Day 2018 and will see Senator Booker.

Mother Goose on the Loose with be held at Old Bridge Public Library on February 26, 2018.

2017 Best Practice in Early Literacy is coming soon; check the website.

2018 Literacy Bootcamp will be posted on the website soon.

The annual survey is open.

No Report from Rutgers

No Report from NJASL

Motion to enter closed session by Jen at 11:14am, seconded by Jayne; all in favor

Motion to return to open session by Leah, seconded by Adele; all in favor

Motion was made by Adele to approve a 2.5% increase in the executive director’s salary, retroactive to beginning of the year as budgeted, seconded by Leah; all in favor.

Motion was made by Jayne to approve a 1 time donation of $1500 to the executive director’s 403B in recognition of the recent legislation passage, seconded by Philip; all in favor.

Action Plan for the Next Meeting
Afternoon meeting on February 20th with a location TBA.

Call for the Good of the Order
Jen shared that Diversity and Outreach will have 2 workshops with locations in the north and south of the state on opioids.

Core Values Update: A survey is on its way in February. Meetings will be hosted all around the state with open invitations to all.

Michael attended an NJLA 2018 Conference planning meeting in Atlantic City with Pat and it was very productive.

Motion to adjourn at 11:55am by Chris, seconded by Kate Jaggers; all in favor

(Minutes approved with corrections 2/20/18. Kate Russo)