NJLA Executive Board Minutes, March 2018

Date of Meeting: 
Tuesday, May 1, 2018
Minutes Text: 

NJLA Executive Board Meeting Minutes

March 20, 2018
Online Meeting


Call to Order: Michael Maziekien, President

Michael called the meeting to order at 10:10 am.


Introductions/Roll Call – Kate Russo, Secretary


Present/attended online: Michael Mazkiekien, Chris Carbone, Adele Puccio, Chelsea Woods-Turner, Cynthia Lambert, Emily Moore, Jayne Beline, Kate Jaggers, Leah Wagner, Lynn Schott, Melissa Brisbin, Darby Malvey,


Guests: Mary Chute, NJSL; Matt Latham and Danielle Cesena, Member Services;
Joyce Valenza-Rutgers


Staff: Patricia Tumulty, NJLA


Absent: Nancy Weiner, Phillip Berg, Amy Babcock Landry, Jen Schureman


Adoption of the Agenda: Addition to the agenda- Member Services.
Motion to adopt by Chris, seconded by Leah; all in favor

Adoption of the Minutes: Motion to adopt the minutes by Michael, seconded by
Kate Jaggers; all in favor with 1 abstention.

Reports within NJLA

Treasurer’s Report

Cynthia moved to adopt the bill list, seconded by Kate Russo; all in favor.

President’s Report
“My report at this time is just to thank the conference committee, and everyone who has worked hard to make this conference possible this year. Even with PLA happening so close to NJLA, I think this is a positively can't miss event!”

Report from Pat Tumulty
Pat talked about where we are with NJLA 2018 and a discussion ensued about what else needed to be done. A highlight this year is that professional headshots will be offered. Kate Jaggers shared that sponsorship is up, but that we need to get more booths. Pat agreed. Additionally, Kate reminded everyone who is thinking about a potential vendor that everything you need to is on the conference website: http://njlaconference.info/
Pat asked everyone to spread the word.

Report from Jayne Beline ALA 
Jayne’s report will be emailed and she encouraged all to vote in the upcoming ALA Election.

Jayne reminded us that offering a conference often results in a boast of membership supporting that with ALA statists from before and after the PLA conference registration. This is encouraging news to NJLA with Speak Freely on the horizon for the end of May.
Jayne also shared ALA’s response to the Florida Bill which would allow the arming of teachers,
“While we are all too aware of the gun violence that affects the communities that we serve, including our schools, we do not believe that allowing the arming of school librarians with guns is the answer to preventing violence and mass shootings. Schools need more resources, including the expertise of a certified school librarian for teaching and learning."

Finally, Jayne shared the Marrakesh Treaty Implementation Act that was introduced on March 15, 2018. This will help people with disabilities as this legislation would amend the U.S. copyright law’s section 121 (the Chafee Amendment) to allow cross border sharing of accessible content for people with print disabilities.

New Business
The NJLA Leadership Retreat will be held at South River Public Library on April 12th. Chelsea and Leah are running this event and plan to offer it annually to connect leaders with leaders.

Matthew and Danielle shared a brief update member services had been working hard on:
conference proposals
conference social events
conference welcome table
25 year membership gifts (now to be announced at honors and awards)
social events
strategies for new members

Ideas for reaching out:
sharable social media promotions
postcards to non-renewed members
letters to all in state library

Kate Jaggers praised ideas and asked about a timeline. Michael thanked Matthew and Danielle and moved on the Position Paper on State Per Capita Aid. It was well received, we can start sharing with other groups

Reports from New Jersey State Library
Mary and Peggy’s report will be emailed.

Newly appointed President of TSEU, Dr. Hancock has already held important meetings relating to the new governor’s budget.

Draft 13 was submitted for Public Library Construction as we await the next steps.
DPLA continues it work and will be featured at the NJLA 2018 Conference.

One upcoming program includes: 2018 Literacy Boot Camp and
For more program information please visit: https://www.njstatelib.org/event/

Report from Rutgers
We are working on the ALA Accreditation report and that we had a very successful NJASL edCamp

No Report from NJASL

Action Plan for the Next Meeting:
Michael will share language for the proposed bylaw change with membership ahead of the April 17th meeting where a vote will take place. It will be sent out today, March 20th.  The meeting will be held at the South Brunswick Library.

Call for the Good of the Order:

Kate Russo shared Small Libraries Unconference being held at Monroe Township Public Library on Monday, April 23rd from 9am-1pm.

Joyce shared the upcoming Rutgers event: Helping Puerto Rico's Libraries Recover - A Conversation with Loida Garcia-Febo, President-elect of the ALA and Tess Torbin, President of REFORMA. A reception will be held at 6:15 p.m. on Tuesday, April 3rd at Alexander Library Scholarly Communication Center (SCC).

Motion to adjourn by Michael, seconded by Darby; all in favor at 11:51am

(Minutes approved with corrections 3/20/18. Kate Russo)