NJLA Internship Program

Apply at: https://njla.org/content/internshipapplication

Limited openings available. Deadline: September 27, 2019

What is the NJLA Internship Program?

The NJLA Internship Program provides an opportunity for library school students to become familiar with the New Jersey Library Association, particularly its committees and sections; to network with peers and library leaders from around the state; and to participate in service learning.

Who can be appointed as an intern?

Any active NJLA Member attending library school is eligible to apply for the Internship Program, assuming they have not previously served as a member of an NJLA Committee. If you aren't currently an NJLA member, please consider a joint NJLA/ALA student membership. Apply for membership here: http://www.ala.org/aboutala/joint-membership-program

Who appoints interns?

Interns are recommended by the co-chairs of the NJLA Internship Program under the guidance of the chair of the Leadership and Education Subcommittee and appointed by the NJLA President.

Where will interns be placed?

Each NJLA committee or section can be assigned up to two interns. Intern placements will be made based on interest and availability. 

Terms of appointment

Internships last till the end of the NJLA year which closes June 30 annually.  After the successful completion of the internship, interns may opt to serve a second year as an intern (maximum two years) or be considered by the NJLA President-Elect as candidates for appointment as full members of an NJLA committee.


Committee chairs or Section Presidents will determine the most appropriate duties for the intern on the governing body, depending in large part on the nature of the work of that group. The primary goals should be, however, for the intern to become as knowledgeable of NJLA processes as possible and about the inner workings of the Association, as well as effectively work toward committee or section goals. Some suggestions for intern duties include:

  • Help with planning and presenting programs and events

  • Perform administrative duties to facilitate committee/association processes

  • Write the committee report, with input from committee chair

Interns are expected to attend meetings and be active participants of their appointed committees, as their schedules permits. Many meetings provide a virtual attedence option. 


All NJLA interns will be expected to attend three meet-ups for the program during the course of the year to meet the other interns, learn more about NJLA, and work on group projects. 

Meeting dates are: October 18, 2019; February 14, 2020; and June 12, 2020


Interns are not considered to be regularly appointed members of the committee or section and are ineligible to vote. 

Questions? Contact the Co-Chairs of the NJLA Internship Program:

John Wallace, jwallace@ocean.edu