NJLA Supports the Following Legislation

A4815/S3395 Makes a Supplemental Appropriation of $750,000 to the New Jersey Library Network for the Continuation of Serives.

Makes a supplemental appropriation of $750,000 to the New Jersey Library Network for continuation of serives.  Prime sponsors: Asm R Bruce Land (District 1), Asm Bob Andrzejczak (Distirct 1), Asw Carol Murphy (District 7). Co-sponsors are: Awm Wayne DeAngelo (District 14), Asm Daniel Benson (District 14), Asm Robert Karabinchak (District 18), Asm Vincent Mazzeo (District 2), Asw Verlina Reynolds-Jackson (District 15), Asw Valerie Vainieri Huttle (District 37)

  In the Assembly State and Local Government Committee.


A3801 Makes 10.5 million supplemental appropriation for increased per capita library aid.


Established Community Broadband Study Commission

A2140 is sponsored by Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti (District 31) Referred to the Assembly Science, Innovation and Technology Committee.


Prohibits awarding of public contracts to Internet service providers, unless Internet service providers adhere to principle of "net neutrality".


S1802 is sponsored by Senator Shirley Turner (District 15).

It was referred to the Senate Economic Growth Committee


A2132 is sponsored by Assemblymen Nicholas Chiaravalloti (District 31) and Andrew Zwicker (District 16)

It was referred to the Assembly Science, Innovation and Technology Committee.

AJR 38

AJR 38 Designates the second week of September each year as "Library Awareness Week in New Jersey." Sponsors  Assemblywomen Angela McKnight (District 31) and Annette Chaparro (District 33).


A1767/S1577 Establishes" New Jersey Net Neutrality Act."

A1767 Prime sponsors are Assemblywoman Annette Quijano (District 20) Assemblymen Wayne DeAngelo ( Distrist 14), Raj Mukherji (District 33), Jamel Holley (District 20)

Referred to the Assembly  Telecommunications and Utilities Committee.

S1577 Prime sponsores are Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez (District 5) and Senator Patrick Diegnan (District 18)

Referred to the Senate Economic Growth Committee.



S684 Allows public libraries to  dispose of certain materials without advertising for bids.

Prime sponsor Christopher Bateman (District 16). Referred to the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee.

A3875 by Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker (District 16). Referred to the Assembly State and Local Government Committee.


A132 Requires instruction on information literacy in curriculum of students in grades kindergarten through 12.

Prime sponsors Assemblymen Wayne DeAngelo (District 14), Daniel Benson (District 14) Mila Jasey (District 27). Co-sponsores Asw. Shavonda Sumter (District 35) , Asw. Carol Murphy (District 7), Asm Robert Karabinchak (District 18)

In the Assembly Education Committee.


A 1995 Requires certain ratios of school library media specialist to students in public schools.

Prime sponsors Assemblywoman Shavonda Sumter (District 35), Benjie Wimberly (District 35). and Daniel Benson (District 14). Co-sponsor Assemblymen Ralph Caputo (District 28), Thomas Giblin (District34), John McKeon (District 27) 

 Referred to the Assembly Education Committee.

S2394 is the companion legislation. The prime sponsors are Senator James Beach (District 6) and Senator Linda Greenstein (District 14). Co-sponsor Sen. Shirley Turner (District 15)


A2163 enacts the "Reader Privacy Act" Sponsored by Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly (District 35), Referred to the Assembly Consumers Affairs Committee.

S1175 is the companion legislation. Sponsored by Senator Nia Gill. Referred to the Senate Commerce Committee.






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