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The New Jersey Libraries NEWSletter is one of the official publications of the New Jersey Library Association and serves as a vehicle for communication of library issues and activities among the members of NJLA.

The New Jersey Libraries NEWSletter is published 4X/year.

Newsletter Publication Schedule & Article Submission Deadlines

  • Fall - September 1st; Article Submission Deadline: July 1st
  • Winter - December 1st; Article Submission Deadline: October 1st; ads due 12/1
  • Spring - March 1st; Article Submission Deadline: January 2nd; ads due 3/1
  • Summer - June 1st; Article Submission Deadline: April 1st; ads due 5/25

2016-17 Editorial Themes

  • Fall 2017: Speak Freely!
  • Winter 2017-18: The Future in Libraries
  • Spring 2018: Books & Reading
  • Summer 2018: Civic Engagement
  • Fall 2018: Incoming president's theme

Please email all article ideas to the Newsletter Editor before the article submission deadline.

The editor will read all ideas, then contact you with writing details and deadlines.


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NJLA Newsletters


Winter 2011

  • Writing Policies for Technology Lending
  • Review Existing Policies: They Might Be Outdated
  • Do You Really Need a Policy?
  • Teaching the Next Generation of Library Policy Makers
  • Sensible Guidelines for Social Media Usage

Newsletter: Winter2011.pdf

Policy Making

Fall 2011

  • Retooling Our Training to Help Customers With New Technologies
  • Getting Started With Our 'Virtual Branch'
  • Retooling the CUS Website With Drupal

Newsletter: Fall2011.pdf

ReTooling 4 Tomorrow

Summer 2011

  • Serving the World Language Community
  • Serving the Poor With Respect and Courtesy
  • Offering Ex-Offenders a Fresh Start
  • Special Reads for Special Needs

Newsletter: summer2011.pdf

Recruiting and Serving Diverse Populations

Spring 2011

  • Advice for Political Relationships and Activities
  • Cultivating Relationships With READ Posters
  • Advice From One of Our Government Officials

Newsletter: spring2011.pdf

Cultivating Political Relationships