NJLA Forms & Policies

  • NJLA Professional Development Programming Guidelines (2018)

    NJLA Professional Development Programming Guidelines (2018)

    Professional development is one of the most valuable components of NJLA membership. Every NJLA committee/section is strongly encouraged to offer one fee-based, in-person event, or one free event every two years. To create a sense of continuity, program planning should involve current leadership as well as incoming leaders and past leaders.

    Professional Development Proposal Submission Schedule

  • Process for Special Election to NJLA Board

    If the board chooses to hold a special election it should occur within 60 days. The Nominations & Elections Committee will notify the membership as soon as possible of the vacant position and invite nominations by online petition. Any interested NJLA member in good standing may apply to be a candidate at least 28 days before the election. A candidate must then be endorsed by 15 individual members, also in good standing, to be added to the ballot. Completed petitions must be received at least 14 days before the election.

    Adopted by the NJLA Executive Board Aug. 16, 2016

  • Holidays and Observances Calendar

    This listing of holidays and observances is intended to represent New Jersey’s diverse
    population, yet not have so much information that it’s unwieldy. It needed to be inclusive, yet
    practical. As such, determinations needed to be made on whose holidays and observances were
    put on the calendar, and whose were not.

    Click Here for Full Calendar

  • Adobe Connect Request Form

    NJLA has a subscription to Adobe Connect, a software platform for virtual meetings. This program allows your group to have a virtual meeting where attendees can participate via chat, audio, or video. Click here to request Adobe Connect for your group’s meeting.

  • NJLA Presenter Policy

    The New Jersey Library Association believes all employees of New Jersey Libraries have a vested interest in supporting their state association.   We also believe the benefit of presenting on a topic at an NJLA event in front of one’s peers, attending other programs at the event and taking advantage of networking opportunities provides considerable value and professional development.

  • NJLA Guidelines for Social Media Use

    All New Jersey Library Association (NJLA) endorsed social networking sites should adhere to the following guidelines to ensure that we represent a single, unified organization: