Federal Budget Cuts Sticky

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Update on Federal Budget Cuts

NJLA Statement on Inclusion Sticky

The New Jersey Library Association (NJLA) and its Members are proud that NJ libraries are places of inclusion where all are welcome.  We are committed to assuring that the collections and services we provide meet the needs of all New Jerseyans and will continue working to address any barriers to library service.

Donate to the Karen Avenick Scholarship Sticky

Karen Avenick, NJLA Past President, died recently. Karen was a true library champion. She was the retired assistant director of the Camden County Library System.  She held numerous positions in NJLA prior to serving as president in 2002-2003.   After her retirement from Camden County Library System she worked for several years for NJLA providing consulting assistance for library trustees and friends groups. NJLA is accepting donations for a scholarship to be given this year in Karen’s name.  

Draft Resolution and Letters of Support for Library Boards Supporting School Libraries and Library Capital Construction Sticky

NJLA has created templates for a model resolutions for Public Library Board to pass in support of school library programs (https://njla.org/sites/default/files/NJLA-School-Library-Resolution_0.docx) in New Jersey and letters of support for the New Jersey Library Capital Construction Bond Bill (http://njlibrariesbuildcommunities.org/how-you-can-help/).


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