Donate to Support Library Staff Affected by Oklahoma Tornadoes

It’s our turn to help. In May, tornadoes struck Oklahoma causing great destruction in the area served by the Pioneer Library System.  Although no library buildings were damaged during the storm, several staff members did lose their homes.  We are asking NJLA members to help those in the Pioneer Library system as the staff of the Joplin Public Library helped us in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.

2013 Scholarship Winners

2013-2014 NJLA Scholarship Winners

Shala Anastasio Rutgers Bulman/Hindsdale/Jones/Schein $ 1,000.
Jennifer Budd Rutgers Askew $ 1,400.
Samantha Gale Rutgers LaMonte $ 1,200.
Rebecca Magnan Rutgers Bulman/James/McKinley/McDonough $ 1,000.
Stephanie Nesmith Rutgers Askew/Diversity $ 1,000.
Christine Skirka Rutgers Schein $ 1,400.
Michael Stirm II Rutgers NJLA Members $ 1,000.
Tricina Beebe Clarion University Karma Foundation Up to $ 10,000.

Orange Public Library Statement

The New Jersey Library Association is very distressed by the recent and sudden closure of the Orange Public Library. We strongly believe that the residents of Orange, a major urban center, must have access to library services in their community. Residents of Orange pay taxes for library service. Those residents deserve a plan that details the short term provision of library service and the long term restoration of library service within the municipality.


The New Jersey Library Association affirms the right of each individual, regardless of age, to open inquiry, and to read, view, listen and use resources without fear of scrutiny by others.


Confidentiality exists when a library is in possession of personally identifiable information about users and keeps that information private on their behalf.


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