NJLA Internship Program Sticky

Apply at: https://njla.org/content/internshipapplication

Limited openings available. Deadline: September 27, 2019

NJLA Code of Conduct (Updated May 21, 2019)

Report a violation to the NJLA Code of Conduct here.

The New Jersey Library Association sponsors a variety of forums, meetings and professional development opportunities, including the annual spring Conference. The purpose of these events is to provide NJ librarians and library workers with opportunities to learn, connect and grow, which we believe to have a positive impact on the development and improvement of libraries throughout the state.

NJLA Statement on the Minimum Wage Legislation

The New Jersey Library Association has concerns about raising the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour for student pages.  All libraries use student pages to do tasks such as shelving and organizing books and other library materials. These tasks are essential to the maintenance of the library but do not require additional education or advanced skills.   These page positions are short term or seasonal positions. Students often take these positions to see if they would be interested in a career in library science in the future.


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