NJLA Statement on Confidentiality of Library Records and e-content

New Jersey's confidentiality of library records law may not apply to electronic content.

Volunteer Library Staff: Talking Points

Public libraries provide essential services to the community; the use of volunteers enables libraries to
maintain and even enhance these services. It is imperative, however, that all key functions of the
public library be staffed by people with the appropriate level of professional or paraprofessional
education and training. There is a place for volunteers in areas of library operations, but no volunteer
should ever be put in charge of a library function that involves fiscal, confidentiality, or liability issues.

NJLA Statement: Urban Libraries Are Essential

The New Jersey Library Association advocates that all communities and elected officials
fund urban public libraries at levels above the statutory minimum, which will allow these
institutions to provide necessary and effective services for all residents of the state.

Fact Sheet: About Public and School Libraries

June 3, 2010

            To meet the needs of communities across the United States, both school and public libraries are vital.

Public and school libraries help learners of all ages access information and technology to further their interests and education.  These essential institutions, in neighborhoods and schools across the United States, provide complementary services in the pursuit of shared goals:


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