Net Neutrality Testimony of Patricia Tumulty, Executive Director, New Jersey Library Association

Testimony of Patricia A. Tumulty,
Executive Director, New Jersey Library Association
Before the Assembly Science, Innovation and Technology Committee
March 11, 2018

On behalf of the members of the New Jersey Library Association, I am here today to give our wholehearted support for the package of bills being considered by this committee to restore “Net Neutrality” for the residents of New Jersey.  We strongly opposed the December actions of the FCC.

I Love My School Librarian Campaign

Take the time to appreciate the school librarian in your district!

Want to do more?  Contact your legislator to support the following bills:

A132 Requires instruction on information literacy in curriculum of students in grades kindergarten through 12.

A1995/S2394 Requires certain ratios of school library media specialist to students in public schools.

Local Library Support Fund State Income Tax Check-off

How to Donate
On your New Jersey Income Tax form, on Line 64, “Other Designated Contributions,” enter code number 20 for the Local Library Support Fund and the amount you would like to contribute. The amount you donate will reduce your refund or increase your balance due.


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